Quick Guide for Cricut Design Space

How To Guide To Cricut Design Space for Beginner's
The How-To Guide for Cricut Design Space

Now that you have  a step-by-step guide to getting you started with your Cricut, here’s a detailed overview of the Cricut Design Space to help you creating!

If your new to Cricut, the Design Space is the software platform used to create all crafty projects.

Lucky for you they just completely redesigned the Cricut software. Thank goodness!

Let’s get started!

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Getting Started with Design Space

The first thing you want to do is open up your Cricut Design Space application.

Sign in to your account, if prompted.

Once you sign in, you’ll see a page similar to this.

Take a minute to familiarize yourself with this main login screen.

To create a new blank project, scroll down and click New Project (Middle Left).

This is the screen you will see.

Let’s take a minute to get acquainted with this new blank project.

The left column includes all of your elements to start a new projects.

Going right down the line,

  1. Templates – This allows you to select the type of project you will be creating. This is incredibly helpful in determining spacing & sizing for projects!
  2. Projects – The allows you to access and choose from the countless Make It Now projects Cricut offers. Some of them are pretty great!
  3. Shapes – Add various shapes to your projects. I use this quite often to add simple shapes to my projects.
  4. Images – Add an image to your project through this tab. Use the search bar to narrow down the choices to fit your needs.
  5. Text – Use this to enter writing to your project.
  6. Phrases- This will bring up all images with phrases included within the image.
  7. Upload – Use this tab to upload images or text of your choice to create your own personalized project!
  8. Monogram- This is a new feature that allows you to create a monogram really quick an easy!

Check out this awesome cheat-sheet printable with Cricut quick tips, plus a freebie list of awesome fonts to use!

The Ultimate Guide Tips and Tricks to get started with your Cricut Machine for Beginners

Let’s Get Crafting

For this step-by-step tutorial, I’m going to make a simple t-shirt design, but these basic steps would work for nearly every project.

Step One:

Designate your template. To create a t-shirt, I will select classic t-shirt.

Cricut Design Space

Step Two:

Selecting classic t-shirts as your template will bring up this screen.

*Note the template is simply used as a guide. It will not print with your project.

Edit the size and color of your t-shirt by clicking on the template layer (very bottom of the layers section) and editing the measurements.

I’m going to make this for a Women’s Size Medium T-Shirt. The design will go on a gray shirt, so I’ve changed the template color to gray.

Step by Step Guide to Cricut Design Space for Beginners

Step Three:

Start creating!

For this particular tutorial, I’m going to keep it simple and use a file I’ve already created and uploaded to my Cricut Design Space.

(Pssst this file and lots more are available over at my Etsy shop, Ellie’s Darling Designs.)

Adjust the size of your design to fit comfortably on your t-shirt template.

You can also adjust the color of your design, as desired.

Step by Step Guide to Cricut Design Space for Beginners

Step Four:

Click ‘Select All’ in the top menu bar. Just as it says, this will select and highlight all elements on the screen.

Next. click ‘Attach’ in the bottom right tool bar. This will link everything into one image. Rather than cutting each piece individually, this will tell the Cricut to cut them all as one piece.

Step by Step Guide to Cricut Design Space for Beginners

Step Five:

You’re ready to cut!

For safety sake, I always take a minute to save the project here. Go ahead and do that- top right corner.

After you save your project, click the green ‘Make It Now’ button in the top right to send the project to be cut.

Step by Step Guide to Cricut Design Space for Beginners

Make It Now will bring you to this screen. Take a look, make sure everything looks good and click ‘continue’!

Step by Step Guide to Cricut Design Space for Beginners.

Step Six:

Now is time to turn on your machine, plug it in (if necessary) and get your mat & materials ready.

Luckily, Cricut makes it really easy – just follow the prompts.

Cricut has recently updated to allow projects with multiple mats to be created with a standard mat, a card mat or without a mat. Here is an example from another project of mine.

Step by Step Guide to Cricut Design Space for Beginners

If given this option, select how you will load all of your materials and select continue.

You will then need to select your material. I have mine set for everyday iron-on (heat transfer vinyl).

Load your mat – push your mat flush with the silver roller bar and press the flashing double arrow. This will load your mat.

Step Seven:

Press Go (flashing Cricut ‘C’ on your machine)!! Wooo- you did it!!

Step Eight:

When your project has finished cutting, press the unload button (flashing double arrow) to remove your cutting mat.

Gently remove your product from your cutting mat and complete your project! Enjoy!

You’re well on your way to creating your own beautiful crafts with your Cricut machine!

Check out this awesome cheat-sheet printable with quick Cricut tips, plus a freebie list of awesome fonts to use!

The Ultimate Guide Tips and Tricks to get started with your Cricut Machine for Beginners

I hope this gave you a better understanding how to use the Cricut Design Space!

What specific questions do you have? What tutorials would you like to see?

Let me know in the comments below!


30 thoughts on “Quick Guide for Cricut Design Space

        1. Absolutely! Stay tuned- I’ll try to get one published in the next week or so.
          Any specific questions you had when using design space on an iPad?

  1. Thanks so much for this Guide! I received the Cricut Maker for my birthday this year and have yet to create anything with it. I know that I need some tools but not sure which are essential. If possible could you provide some feedback. Thanks again, Sandrs

    1. Hi Sandra! You’re welcome! So glad the guide was helpful for you! The Cricut Maker is the newest awesome machine released by Cricut. The type of tools you will need really depends on what projects you plan to create with your machine. I do have a post that details some great tools to get started crafting. You can check it out here… –> https://stayathomecrafter.com/2017/10/22/the-ultimate-guide-to-your-cricut-for-beginners/

      Good luck, happy crafting!!


  2. Thanks so much for your prompt response! I will probably work more with vinyl that I can transfer to hard surface objects and with fabric that I can use for quilting projects. At least that’s the plan at this time. A friend of mine make me thermal tumbler with my monogram that she created. She made it look so easy and so fun! Thanks again, Sandra

    1. Hi Vikki!

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with your cricut machine!
      Unfortunately, I am not as well versed with the Cricut Expressions line, but to my knowledge I do not think they link with Cricut Design Space. I know Cricut used to offer Cricut Craft Room as an option for these machines, but I’m not sure if that software is still supported.
      I would try to contact Cricut’s customer service (they even have a super convenient chat option) to pinpoint why your cricut is giving you problems when completing projects.
      Here’s a quick link for cricut customer support – https://help.cricut.com/help/machines/cricut-expression-2
      Good luck!:)

  3. Thank you for this information and cheat sheets. I am new to the cricut design world. There is so much to learn. I appreciate your time.

  4. Thank you for these cheat sherts. I have felt a bit intimidated by my Cricut Air explorer 2 but am going to get cutting.

  5. Ah thank you! Do you have a tutorial showing how to remove the vinyl label or image from the mat and applying to the mug? I cannot seem to “weed” or remove my image from the mat.

    1. Hi Kaeanna!
      So sorry for the delayed response, I recently had a baby and haven’t been on the blog much. Just now saw your comment.
      I do not have a tutorial for weeding vinyl, but I’d be happy to make one! You mentioned needing help weeding and applying to a mug, is it safe to say you’re using adhesive vinyl? 🙂

  6. I’m having a lot of problems with my design space. The materials like foil doesn’t do right for me. Putting vinyl on the mat I have put it down on wrong side messed it all up. Mirroring is really hard for me also on some material. I guess I’m asking what materials are what. Help Please.

    1. Hi Renee!
      Sorry for the delayed response, just saw your comment. It sounds like you’re having some trouble with the cutting part of the circuit projects?
      Let me see if I can help…
      1. Adhesive vinyl is color side up.
      2. Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) (for clothing) shiny side down. If you’re having a hard time determining the proper side, use a small pin to peel a tiny corner of the vinyl up. Once you peel a corner up, the vinyl side faces up & the clear carrier sheet faces down towards your cutting mat.
      3. Mirroring should only be used for HTV.

      Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions! 🙂

  7. Hey! Thank you for the tutorial, it was great! I’m wondering how you got the words to cut out in black? Was the mug black and it was just a blank space?
    Thanks again!

  8. Hi
    I’m new and very overwhelmed by this tool, so I’ve done nothing with it yet sadly. How do you know which product to buy for your project?
    For the mug, was it just vinyl?

    1. Hi Kaylene!

      Thanks for taking time to stop by my little blog. I completely understand how overwhelming the cricut can be. Let me see if I can help. 🙂

      The product you buy for your project depends on what you want the final outcome to be. So, for this example mug shown, I just used adhesive vinyl. If you wanted to create a shirt, you’d use heat transfer vinyl. To create paper crafts, like a Happy Birthday banner, you’d use cardstock. And so on.

      Don’t be afraid to give it a try! The hardest part is getting over the fear of getting started! Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂

  9. Is there a step-by-step tutorial on putting vinyl on mat to finished product. Not sure which side to put down on Mat

    1. Hi June! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.
      Currently, I don’t have a specific tutorial detailing putting vinyl on mat etc. Look for one of these soon!
      In the meantime, if it helps, when putting vinyl on the mat:
      1. HTV vinyl is shiny side down.
      2. Adhesive vinyl is colored side up.

      Hope this helps! Thanks!


  10. Hey Desiree thank you for the tutorial it was very helpful. One thing, I could not get the color to come up to change the color of the heart, nothing come up under layers when I hit layers to do a color. I could change the cup color but not the heart. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Angie!

      Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog! So glad you found this tutorial helpful! Let me see if I can help you change the color of your design.
      Since I posted this tutorial, the Cricut Design Space software has been updated. The color change feature is no longer directly linked to the layers tabs. Instead, it’s along the top left toolbar. To access it, click on the layer/design you’d like to color change and look to the top toolbar. On the left side will be a colored square, click on it to change the color of your selected design.

      Something like this is easier to describe with pictures. Be on the lookout for an updated version of my tutorial. 🙂

      Happy Crafting! 🙂


  11. Is there a way that I could watch what you are doing? I am new at this, Very new! I have the list on my screen, I sew the first download on my phone but unable to see it on my computer. I think I need a little help. Any suggestions?

  12. I got my cricut maker for my birthday but have not used it yet. Problems with finding the right device to download it to,which I will have in 2 more days. Anyway I just want to say thank you so much for this tutorial. I have learned a lot just reading this. I have been trying too read everything I can about this. Thanks again willa

  13. It would have been nice to be able to follow along but I dont have a Mug option. Not even in search. Im using the Explore Air 2

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